e enjte, 16 gusht 2007

This place , along with the Espresso shop next door, has been open about a year, but today was the first time I went inside. What a find! This is approximately 3 blocks from Captain John's Motel in Charleston. Over a hundred local Artisans have items there, as well as a lot of other interesting things..clothes, books, food, etc..The owner said she would have some kind of coupons or a special for VROC members during the rally.
The porch of the Charlietown Store
Waiting patiently for something to eat..............
There were several people at the fish cleaning station (this doesn't mean giving them a bath, it means taking their guts out:-) And the Seagulls were lovin' it! Click on the picture to make it larger and you can see a little seal there in the background.
This gull heard me, and was just about ready to take to the air.
There were at least 2 harbor seals amoung the many seagulls waiting for goodies from the fish cleaners.
A friendly little seal, hoping someone will throw him some fish guts
This place will really trip the ladies fancys! It's an "upscale", very glitzy shop, with all kinds of goodies and clothes. Some of the costume jewelry isn't too expensive either. Across the street from Captain John's Motel.

e martë, 19 qershor 2007

This is where several of you have made reservations. There's room for a lot more! We'll make this a pre-ride today..now that it's over, I'll be doing several changes and some refining to make it a little shorter. We didn't take a while lot of pictures in the interest of time today. Here 's enough to give you a little idea of what the country is like. Feel free to offer suggestions or ask questions.. my email is: shermacord@charter.net

Sign by Captain John's telling you some of the places here in the Charleston boat harbor.
We are about 22 miles from Captain John's now, entering Bandon By the Sea. We have crossed some hills and followed a ridge through a lot of clear cut timber. It's on it's 3rd cutting since the old growth came down in the early 1900's. About every 30 years it's ready to harvest for lumber again. We saw some cranberry bogs and farms. The Bandon area has a log of cranberry farmers, and a large Ocean Spray processing plant just on the south side of town.
This will be a "must" stop. They have a zillion of samples in here. There is another one, where the main factory is, in Coos Bay, not far from rally headquarters on the road to Charleston. I think Cargo will remember this place!
An upstairs Bistro in Bandon. This recently changed hands, for a long time they rented sea going kyaks that you could take up the river or across the bar.
Bandon Lighthouse, on the jetty near the mouth of the Coquille River. It's on the other side of the River from here, at the end of Bullards Beach State Park. You can drive to it, but it would add too much time to the route if we want to get back in time.
Sign in town on the dock.
Food , tackle, and tourist items. Just another dockside store in Bandon by the Sea.
Another Chowder House. We counted 6 of them along the dock here. Some have better selections than others, but they are all pretty good.
This is the main street in Old Town. A couple blocks of interesting shops. Book stores , antiques, and glitzy clothes.
One of the many tourist shops in Bandon. Some very night things in here, besides ice cream and home made fudge! From here we'll head up Hwy 42 South through some dairy farms along the Coquille River and on over Lampa Mountain.
We're just off Fat Elk road, on Lampa Lane, headed toward either Coquille or Myrtle Point, depending on the next junction.
We're on a narrow winding road through these valley farms.
Some local color..the beer is free today!
Anyone in the market for a pig or a pony?
Pat patiently waiting while I take some pictures. Wow! What a nice bike! Oh, by the way...it's for sale
Lampa Valley. There is hay being harvested there in the distance.
Nearing the end of the smaller farm roads for awhile.
Downtown street in Myrtle Point, Oregoin
Another old building in Myrtle Point.
We stopped here for a late breakfast. They specialize in 5 egg omlettes and other huge servings. I had a 5 egg cheese, rye toast, a large mound of potatos that I didn't eat, and coffee for $5.95. Pat had a very large bowl of home made soup, and some of my left overs..total bill was 9 bucks...and remember...in Oregon, you NEVER pay sales tax. What it says is what you pay.
Looking West from the parking lot of a local chain. (there are two other Kozy Kitchen's in Coos Bay. This one is in Myrtle Point.
Hiway 42 East of Myrtle Point.
This is downtown Camas Valley. One restauant, a gas station and a large church pretty much make up the town.
I sort of miss aimed, but there is a view down the moutain here I was trying to get. At least you get the idea.
One of the many back roads we were one today. I think this is the Reston Raod. We passed several wineries along this area.
A mountain top experience!
We made a wrong turn a few miles back, and climbed this mountain. Beautiful scenery, but it was going the wrong way. We ended up on a dirt road, and it cost us almost an hour before we figured out where we were and got back on track. The first time in my life I felt a GPS would have been good. We didn't have a MAP with us, and some of these roads aren't on a map anyway. However, we saw things we wouldn't have seen other wise, and managed to find out way. So...maybe we didn't need a GPS...:-)
Just "truckin' along.
You may have to click on the picture to see it, but there is a large wild Elk crossing the highway. There were 3 other adults we saw in the brush, and a yearling still on the left side of the road
Some fresh baled hay. This is the first cutting. There will be one or two more harvests before fall in these valleys
Different kind of hay bales.
The Umpqua River flows along Hwy 38 for several miles until it dumps into the Ocean at Winchester Bay. There is a jet boat ride up here. Shows you Eagles, seals and other wild life along the way. I'm working on a group rate for this trip for anyone interested.
Just another Elk picture.
Velvet antlers on this young bull Elk. This is in the Dean Creek area on Hwy 38, near Reedsport. For those of you that know Steve Lacewell, his property and house is about 3 miles from here as the crow flies. And these are wild Elk
These young bulls are all still in velvet. They are out enjoying the sun and fresh grass today.